The Digital On-Ramps (DOR) ePortfolio System is a free electronic portfolio that enables students and job seekers to dynamically capture, organize and present evidence of their accomplishments, skills and abilities including their education, training, work experience and volunteer activity.
Transcripts, resumes, videos, certifications, recommendations, work examples and digital badges that verify skills and accomplishments can all be uploaded or linked to an ePortfolio – and then shared with training programs, peers, teachers or employers – through a secure and private link.
Built on the Salesforce Communities platform using a custom Visualforce interface, the DOR ePortfolio System provides an easy and convenient way to safely store and display credentials and important documents. Its development was completed in 2015 in partnership with Motivis Learning, Inc.

ePortfolio Tutorial:

Check out our videos on how to SAVE, SHOWCASE, and SHARE your portfolio.

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