Looking to transform your youth program?

Join LRNG Philly!

Join our free initiative and gain access to an online platform for creating Learning Pathways and Digital Badges. LRNG Philly works with youth programs focused on workforce development, STEM, arts, education, and other interests. 

What is LRNG?

LRNG is a national initiative with a digital platform that enables young people to pursue their interests and passions via learning pathways called Playlists that allows them to earn a Digital Badge.

LRNG is involved in multiple cities across the country. Each city is a network of organizations that use LRNG with their youth programs. Youth programs use Playlist and BAdges to provide their students with an exciting new way to learn and connect to opportunities. 

What are the benefits to my learners?

  • Connected a visual learning pathway that help them track their learning progress and motivate them to complete the next activity and eventually earn their Digital Badge.
  • Access to local and national Playlists that connect to a variety of interests and careers.
  • Use LRNG to add share their accomplishments via social media and LinkedIn or with employers, teachers and metors.

What are the benefits for my organization?

  • A new innovative way to present your curriculum and activities.
  • Online tools to track and report on learning outcomes.
  • Connect to a network of organizations in Philadelphia and across the nation.
  • Free access to LRNG for 2018! Also includes free training and implementation assistance from Digital On-Ramps at Drexel University.



Contact us at info@digitalonramps.com